what time is it?

Minggu, 11 November 2012

what a month...

Seems I was late to say "goodbye October you're rocks" and also too late to say "welcome November, please be kind like October did".
I swear, so many things that happened in the October, sad, angry, happiness, gleeness, whatever it was, I was so grateful.

1. Sad things that happened in the first week in October was, two stupid girls who tried to disturb my life, I knew that was my fault, I deserve it, but they 'punch' too much, but for the first time in my life, I screwed them, I really really screwed them, I knew it was my fault, so that's why I would never make it worse. It was happened for about 2 days or more, it effected to my jobs, I just made 1 sale in a week. But, thanks to Allah it ended, they just stop, I just really don't care. And I think my ex never know what his GF did to me, haha... I just wanna say "Bad boys will get bad girls". And it proven now.

2. And good things that happened was, I achieved my target, before Idul Adha, I've got 2 millions in a week, thanks God, I've made 6 sales, and I've 1 bonus. So, when I arrived in Bandung my mom asked me "how many sales u've made this week honey?", and I said "I've made six mom, and my boss gave me 1 bonus", my mom was surprise, "that was great dear! how much did u get?", I  said "I got 2 millions mom". My mom asked "in amonth?", and then I answered, "no mom, in a week, because my salary is per week", "wow that's good dear". "oia mom, I have clients from UK and Japan, they were nice".

And the latest happiness thing happened yesterday, I went to my office, to met my friend who were on duty as a call center, I brought a foods, and we had a lil picnic there, and then after office hour, we went to Ambas to buy my softlens and the watched movie, 50-50, it was a sad and comedy movie, after that we had snacking with sushi at Sushi market, it was yummy

Owh btw, I've already had a 20 pair of shoes, should I stop? :P