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Minggu, 27 Februari 2011


The foods that I recently ate in latest 1 month

1. Mi Baso Simanalagi
Sinfully delicious. 6 meatballs, chicken wing, smooth noodle, chicken dumplings and chicken stock
(5 feb 2011)
2. Sushi boon
Porsinya banyak, murah banget! Gw sama ade gw makan kenyang cuma abis 34000 sama aqu botol gede. Mancaaap! (6 feb 2011)
Batosai sushi

*lupa namanya*

3. Sampe rumah nyokap nyuruh gue bikin fettuccine, kacau! makan lagi dah (*still* 6 feb 2011)
4. Snow ice dufan
besoknya gw ke dufan sama ipeh trus gw beli snow ice, replikanya slurpee :P (7 feb 2011)
5. Puding roti
Minggu depannya gw ke Bandung lagi trus nyokap bikin puding roti, ugh kangen banget!
(14 feb 2011)
6. Bakso Avon
Siangnya abis ganti kacamata, gw diajak bokap makan di bakso avon deket alun2. Wuih gila yaminnya mancap! somaynya brasa minyak wijennya, wooow! tempting!
7. Cornetto disc chocolate strawberry cheesecake
Dibellin cowo gw, muter2 alfa n indomart galaxy, akhirnya dapet juga! :D
Makannya bareng lays seaweed upeti dari adek kelas gw :D qt makannya sambil nunggu mobil di cuci steam, lumayan ada cemilan(17 feb 2011)
8. PunClut
Ga terlalu enak, mahal doang (19 feb 2011)
9. Ayam bakar jogja, deket asyafiyah
Penasaran, tdnya ayamnya dikit, pas gw lewat terus eh makin banyak, jadi curious. Murah+enak selalu jadi kombinasi yg mantap! (24 Feb 2011)
10. Oishinbo sushi
Another sushi to eat! yey! never get enough for sushi :D (4 Mar 2011)

_ Bon Appetite _

sales letter (tugas softskill)

Sales letter is a letter which designed to describe and sell a product or even service specifically. Sales letter has several steps to make it perfect as a sales letter, they are Determine market, Set a goal, Appropriate appeals and organizing a facts. Sales letter also has a various purposes to get a customer, for example there is a sales letter that want their customer to buy their products immediately, another example sales letter wants their customer to visit their place, some sales letter gives their customer a sample of their product and even another sales letter wants just introduce their product and their customer buy it later. Sales letter does not has a position in the company to make it, sales letter only made by the professionals who really understand about the product itself. And actually what you sell on your sales letter is not just a products or service itself, your letter must sell an idea, purposes and also benefits of your products or services.

Below is an example of sales letter :

Jl. Setia 1 no. 30 Pondok Gede - Jakarta Timur 17411

February 28th, 2011

Ms. Annisa Utami
Jl. Menteng Raya no. 4
Menteng - Jakarta Pusat 10310

Dear Ms. Annisa

We've seen it happen so many times. A family invest their money by buying a house for living and also infestation. But, some of them--sometimes--feel unsatisfied, because their house get damage because of the flood, and their developer has no responsibility about it.

Why? Because once you buy a new house, you just get certificate of it and about the damage, robbing or any disaster, its outside their responsibility.

That's why we decided to recommend our new apartment for your safety living. Built under SETIA DEVELOPER GROUP, we guarantee you can get the safety living environment like you ever wanted.

With a low-cost down payment, we invite you to join our apartment and become a family. Our apartment is fully secure, we have security service for 24 hours, and our apartment also completed with swimming pool, gym, laundry, cafeteria, canteen and children playground.

Our apartment has various types, so far we've just built three types, another types are coming soon. We have simply type, elegant type and luxury types. We guess simply type is suitable for single lady like you, its just simple like its name, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with shower and seat closet, small kitchen with sink and cupboard, dining room separated with kitchen and also living room. For another types you can see in our brochure that we've inserted with this letter.

As a member of our apartment, you are considering as a family and we guaranteed your safety and comfortableness. You will not feel disappointed anymore.

We will be happy if you want to infest your future and living in our apartment. If you are interest please call us in the number below.

Your happiness is our satisfaction.

For more info call us in (021) 846 3690



Head Branches of Setia Group