what time is it?

Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

am I?

"Aku yg tersulit yah dibanding yang lain?"

(gue yg sampe sekarang masih nggak ngerti...)

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011


Jauhin otak lo dari pikiran-pikiran negatif!! Tapi gue harus gimana kalo pikiran itu muncul??

1. Tarik napas, tahan, hembuskaaaaan! hhhaaahhh!

2. Pikirin yang sekarang aja, ga usah mikir yg dulu2, yg dulu2 tu uda lewat

3. Berusaha tetep tenang, anggap pikiran jelek itu adalah sesuatu yg nggak penting

Ini buat kebaikan lo juga Nis, lo nggak mau kan terus2n netting?

Pikiran negatif pergilah!! CIIIIAAAATTTT!!

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

the chosen people

I've just thinking bout something, randomly.. I thought it due to my semi-hard study for exam tomorrow. I thinking bout the people in my life, why they are exist in my life, and I think God has a plan for that, for every person who came, I hope they are the chosen people with those good reasons.

1. My parents, they are the reason why I could come into this world.

2. My best friends, who came along with me since I was single and until in relationship.

3. My boyfriend, who came in my last year in college, a stranger classmate (We consider we became classmate for formality reason only :P ), I hope you come into my life for a good reasons, I hope you'll be the last and the best, and also I hope we can grow old together.

4. My rival or any other frenemies, the only reason that I caught was I got best experience since became your enemy or rival or whatever, I can learn how to be patience. That's why God have sent you for the person like me. Good teacher like experience does.

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011


Pas di LEPMA waktu rebo kemaren...

Gue : Pok, gue pengen deh nyetak smua foto gue sama Yoga

Tari : Cihee, buat di taro di dompet ya nyo?

Gue : Kaga, buat disimpen aja

Tari : ooh, kirain buat didompet

Gue : Zaman SMP gue nyimpen foto Pedro di dompet

Tari : Ha? Pedro sapa?

Gue : Pedro Amigos, cakep gila!

Tari : Ih.. Lo suka? Kaya gue dong, nyimpen fotonya Vic Zhou

Gue : eewwhhh, F4

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Those reasons

Reasons why I love Jacqueline Wilson so much :

1. Her children stories

2. The story itself

3. The illustration

4. The setting that always in UK, I love UK

5. The characters in every book

6. Sometimes the stories indirectly solve the children problem

Can't hardly wait for her new book!