what time is it?

Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

Jobs. Friends. Where u spent the most of your time

Its been 5 months since I worked at OOCL. My nearest colleagues mostly asked: Shipping company? seriously??. I just answered "yeah, here I am". time flies and I started enjoy working there. Because its an Asian company (HK), we often had a "Makan-makan" and "Foto2" event. I've been took a pic for about  3-4 times in recent 5 months, quite often huh?

But, that wasn't the point I wanna share.
Friends. Job, its always relevant right?
I have a lot of friends in my division, but I only have the 1 who really2 connected. Her name is Rani. I never had such a friend who really really has such a bluetooth even with my bestfriends. I forgot where it started. We've just lunch together, and talked about Kpop, actually I'm not kinda person who freaks about Korea, Kpop or whatsoever. I just love SuJu and SNSD. But, we almost connected when we talked but it. We have same favorite music, singer, movies, we even have a favorite lifetime cartoon, which is Lion King, same favorite coor, style, and we also love vintage, same flavor of juice, we love spicy food, we love jajan.

sometimes I was wondering and I also tell her
"Ran, have u ever wondering. In this huge city, large building, big company, you meet a person who really2 nyambung with u?"

and she answer "such a confusing, but it happened"