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Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013

Work life. Work hard. Work out.

Hi there. Hows life? Mine was good.
Got the medical check up from my office 2 weeks ago, and since i had a mess up period circle, the doctor told me that i have to lil diet and do more workout.
I do sport in recent couple days, like futsal, yoga. Unfortunately the futsal tournament was over. And then I do yoga.
There's a funny story when i started those sports.
First: Futsal
I forgot the details, but in short. My friends were shocked i do futsal.
Its Ditta, my officemates
She said : u do futsal?? Omg! I'm shocked!

Second: Yoga
I do my first headstand and posted it to my path.
Then Ditta shocked again. She said: my shocked bout u do futsal wasnt over and then u do yoga. What a progress.

Ahaha, actually not just Ditta. But also people around me, my parents, my sister.
Well thats life.
Oh once more, i will do running every saturday morning before work and join running club, but i havent bought ghe running shoes yet. I want Nike but at the year end sale it has not an appropriate size for me. Blame on my big feet, they only have size 36, the one and only.
Gotta catch some Nike store in town, fiuuuh.