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Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

New Job. New Friends.

Hi there, its been a month since I wrote the last post huh? So many things I wanna share here, as usual...

His GF tried to annoy me again and again, but this time I screwed them, (them? yeah, because she 'invited' all her friends). I screwed them because I don't have much time for them, I have the most hectic job ever! A hundred emails a day, a phone calls, complain, that's driving me mad, and his GF is a jobless, also her firends, so they have so many spare time to annoyed someone. Forget about them because we won't talk about crap and all those shits here.

My new job, I worked in a multi national company, based in HK, expedition and cargo company for overseas, I work for Export Documentation, handling export to Japan. Japan only, with once a week vessel. My clients are Honda, Bridgestone, Unilever, Denso, Epson, Daihatsu, Toyota. Thats a little part of my exclusive clients.

So far I feel fun and enjoy to working here, because so many friends that has a same age like me... Alhamdulilllah. and they're so funny too... We had such fun time during our hectic hours...

Left to Right: Farah (handling Surabaya), Rani (handling all Asia except Japan), Rista (handling Belawan, Semarang), Wahyu (handling ATL, Pindo Deli, Mideast and Subcontinent), Me (handling Japan), Adit (handling Surabaya), Rizky (handling Australia and Europe), Devi (handling America and Canada).

Adding Dana and Valent (handling Import) and Ghina who wore a white veil behind Rista (handling customer service), Rini who wore orange veil (handling Marketing and Sales for Logistics Department)

Alhamdulillah 2 months here I felt happy... I hope I can struggle until I found a better job. Amin


When we separated, I've learned one thing, the most important thing, that.... "HEART IS DEEPER THAT THE OCEAN"


We will never know what is in somebody's heart, so that yours, I never know, until now... :)