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Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Jarit dan kebaya

14 Januari kemarin. which my 1st day in my life, I wore kebaya and jarit (or jarik). It was amazing. And the javanese ceremony before wedding. It was great too. Love every parts of the ceremony.

Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Busy. Busier. Busiest!

Hallo there!

I got my busiest week ever! After my post 3 days bed rest and then i have to face that Japan manifest 24hrs isnt trial anymore and my bday, which was 2wks ago is same with my PMS day. It made me overwhelmed, crazy, and shouted a lot of cursing words than before.
Tired? Dont ask! Its exhausted.
And yesterday, i dont wanna repeat the same mistake. Back from office at 7pm. I dont want to. So I try to come earlier, made my own lunch, catch the 2nd bus. So i came on 9am. Its was rarely happened. And then I have to go on 3pm just because the server was down
Dammit! I left my job. But i dont care. Bcause the last week I back from office at 7pm to make my monday easier, but its just same. So why should I sacrifice my weekend just to end up the whole tasks? While in monday i get busy also, whats the different anyway?? I may single but I have my life also. And you know what. I think I just got back my weekend. Sleeping all day. watching movie and make some dishes.

Note: I really...really... Need an assistant to help me hold the export to Japan. I just cant get myself over :((