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Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

the chosen people

I've just thinking bout something, randomly.. I thought it due to my semi-hard study for exam tomorrow. I thinking bout the people in my life, why they are exist in my life, and I think God has a plan for that, for every person who came, I hope they are the chosen people with those good reasons.

1. My parents, they are the reason why I could come into this world.

2. My best friends, who came along with me since I was single and until in relationship.

3. My boyfriend, who came in my last year in college, a stranger classmate (We consider we became classmate for formality reason only :P ), I hope you come into my life for a good reasons, I hope you'll be the last and the best, and also I hope we can grow old together.

4. My rival or any other frenemies, the only reason that I caught was I got best experience since became your enemy or rival or whatever, I can learn how to be patience. That's why God have sent you for the person like me. Good teacher like experience does.

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