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Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Busy. Busier. Busiest!

Hallo there!

I got my busiest week ever! After my post 3 days bed rest and then i have to face that Japan manifest 24hrs isnt trial anymore and my bday, which was 2wks ago is same with my PMS day. It made me overwhelmed, crazy, and shouted a lot of cursing words than before.
Tired? Dont ask! Its exhausted.
And yesterday, i dont wanna repeat the same mistake. Back from office at 7pm. I dont want to. So I try to come earlier, made my own lunch, catch the 2nd bus. So i came on 9am. Its was rarely happened. And then I have to go on 3pm just because the server was down
Dammit! I left my job. But i dont care. Bcause the last week I back from office at 7pm to make my monday easier, but its just same. So why should I sacrifice my weekend just to end up the whole tasks? While in monday i get busy also, whats the different anyway?? I may single but I have my life also. And you know what. I think I just got back my weekend. Sleeping all day. watching movie and make some dishes.

Note: I really...really... Need an assistant to help me hold the export to Japan. I just cant get myself over :((

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