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Senin, 29 November 2010

JGTC 2010

Yesterday I went to JGTC (Jazz Goes to Campus) with my friend Tari and her friends which is my new friend, Nita and Ega. Nite seems to silent like me, while Ega seems so cheerful, I clique with her.
I went from home at 13.00 p.m, and I stuck on traffic jam, I went by train and met Tari in UI station, in fact we were at the same train, but we didn't realize :P
When we arrived, we had lunch 1st and then we bought ticket, I got slurpee voucher
1st, we watched !st Impressions band, and then Tokyo blue, actually we were disappointed with the event, because they said they had Nouvelle vague, Feist, Sandhy Sandhoro, Tompi, but they weren't exist there :(
So, the only famous artist we had watched just The Groove Reunion, quite good
(the groove)
Maliq and the essentials performed at 23.30 p.m, its impossible for me to watched it, and they had Andien at 21.00 and Endah n Rhesa at 20.00, holy shit I cant watch them, huh! :(
The good side was my boy picked me, I was so happy! :D
He said that he'll watch JGTC next year with me, so I can watch until night... hhhmmm

P.S : I didn't upload all of photos because I don't want my blog looks like photo album :P, less words more pics, surely I don't want

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