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Senin, 28 Maret 2011


Long time no posting, because i was busy with my last term study. And it quite makes me forget my blog for a while.. eerr.. more than I think.

1. Too much homeworks and any other assignments, it comes when I feel so bored with it, bored to the max

2. I'm not patient enough to start my thesis, graduate and go get a JOB!

3. Being confused to decide something, take it or leave it. I already have 1 week to think bout it and its 3 days left

4. Being dizzy with my own problem

5. So fucking sad with my family problem, how could this happen? Why God? I'm not strong enough to accept this. I'm not ready yet to see my mom crying and my dad felt so disappointed in front of me... I would pay whatever it cost to make it better soon or to make its like never happen

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