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Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Bags and bakes

Yesterday iw ent to pasar baru, bandung, with my mom. To bought her a gift. I bought 3 bags, it was so cheap so I bought them a lot, wooo hoo, here they are:
my mom's
my mom's (again)
my studs satchel bag

And as I walked home, I went to Zulfa bakery and cake shop, near my house. They sell a delicious bread and cakes, I love their pastry, schumpies and cupcakes. Cupcakes was their new creation, so I bought one to try, and the taste was gorgeous. First time I thought it was cake behind the frosting, but I was wrong, it was cheesecake, so tender and cheesy. And the frosting, not like ordinary cream, but it was icing, I dunno it was icing sugar or white chocolate. Soooo delicious... It cost for 5ooo only! Worth it!

from the top side

overall side

And in the night after go home, my mom made a baked martabak, sounds unique right?
More healthy because it was less oil
martabak on the baking

Additional quote : "o my God! my hair getting shorter after cut by my sister without any technique!" (annisa utami, My life, page: i dunno :P )

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