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Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Nothing to do, just blogging

Hey blog. Such a long since..mmm.. I forgot... lol
I don't have nothing to say bout my life recently. My life just flows like we it goes, and Alhamdulillah goes well. My weekdays are busy as usual but my weekend more busy than weekdays. I always made a plan for my weekend, two last weekend I went to lotteria w/ Ditta, Dinar, Yudha. Spent our night with laugh, really like it. And Sunday I went to my Family's gathering. And last weekend I hangout w/ my officemate, Rani. Tried to beat Fire wings level 3 @Richeese Factory and catch 2 hours karoke.we sang the 90's hitlist, and also Korea, Rani's fave.

Aaaand last but not least, finally I found blogger on google play store. Yipeeee..and this is my first post using my tab. It makes me easier to writing, such a found an easier way to blogging.

See ya

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