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Senin, 31 Mei 2010

How to teach listening?

In Listening classes, students are usually given practice in listening but they are not actually taught listening. Practice is not enough.

Research and case studies have told us many things about how listening should be taught. But often, this knowledge has not made the jump into classroom practice. While many classes are based on the idea of giving students lots of practice with English, research tells us that we also need to teach listening.

In addition to giving students plenty of listening practice. We should also break the skill of listening into micro-skill components and make sure that our students are aware of what they need to know to understand how to listen to English.

Perhaps the most important study skill children learn is the ability to listen closely and comprehend what they have heard. As a teacher, students' listening skill levels can make a difference in their performance as well as the class atmosphere. By employing a variety of creative exercises, teachers can help students develop strong listening skills that will aid them throughout their academic careers.

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