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Senin, 05 September 2011

one day with Latifa

For the 1st time, me and Ipeh (Latifa) hangout to Grand Indonesia, we were just walked around, no photoshoot, I was too shy that day :(
So we just looked around. Before we arrived at GI, unfortunately my sandals was out of fame *shit*, it was because Tosari bridge was full of holes. So i must extra careful, to not broke the other 1 hhfftt...
arrived at GI (we've lost, my bad) we had take a pee and then ate at Kenny Rogers, because the queue of Yoshinoya was out of mind and we had already starved.
 I ordered a quarter meal, roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, fusili salad, fresh fruit, mac n cheese and banana muffin.

and Ipeh ordered bolognese spaghetti and we both ordered iced tea

Overall, I don't really like kenny rogers, especially for their pasta, it did not al dente *yucks*. I'd never returned back. I'd pay 70k for my meals, and I should got the best.

But, i love that day!!! Hangout with best friend, how I do miss that moment :)

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