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Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

suddenly slumber

Yesterday when I'm back from Bandung, ate a bowl of meatball, take a pray, sat down and played a game, until Ipeh sent me a message, she said she wanted to come, surprisingly glad! So I took a bath, cleaned my house and went to Bekasi Square to picked up her, she waited at Gudang Buku, and then we went to Roti Boy and Carrefour, and then went home.
She like my house and wanted to live here if she can. We can't stop laughing until 2 a.m, we saw ex's new girl's photos, and laughed together, she is so fat, much bigger than me... For now I'm thinking it's not her false, she just can't deny when my ex flirt at her, like I used to be... And I'm luckier than her, I'm still have a mother, my beloved mom, who always beside me, so it doesn't matter for me if I give my ex for her, just for share a happiness, both of them just like two pigs LOL...

I'm so thankful that God has show me who he is, before its too late... Alhamdulillah..
And I'm thankful too because I have a true friends and MOM who always beside me when I was down...
Tengkyu Ipeh, Ita, Festy, Tari (u're so far away but u still phoned me :') ), Anggi... a bunch of loves *group hugs*

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