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Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Julie & Julia

Yesterday, I went to the video rental to lent 5 vcd's while I was ironing. I lent Planet 51, Penelope. Hari untuk Amanda, Julie and Julia, and Valentine's day. From those movies, I heart Julie and Julia.

This movie based on 2 true stories, 70% about foods and cooking, mmm... that's why I like it! This movie told about 2 women in the different era. Julia Child was lived in France in 1940's and Julie Powell was lived in Queen (I dont know exactly where is it, maybe in USA) in 2000's. Julie Powell felt her life was boring, she was ex-failed-novelist and she worked in Manhattan as a customer operator. She wanted to make something new in her boring life, her husband said that she should tried making a blog, a cooking blog. So she made some project, she would make 524 Julia's recipes in 365 days, and she did it. Her blog made her became famous.

Who played in this movie? so far I knew Amy Adams as Julie Powell, Meryl Streep as Julia Child (i like her France accent), and Stanley Tucci as Julia's husband. This movie was Meryl's and Stanley's second second movie after The Devil wears Prada (I also love this movie). Meryl got Golden Globe award for her played in this movie. And Amy Adams, according to me, as a newcomer she played Julie as well.

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