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Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

dear all....

Dear 'friends'..
Actually, I don't know what should I do bout this fucking problem, we are not so close so its hard for me to talk with you by heart. I do your besties (maybe) but we are not so close enough to fix this problem ASAP, I know exactly who u are, and I know what happen next if I dare to talk to u. I don't know what is your problem, and I also don't know what is my false? U always act like best buddies in front of the others, but u also do the opposite things when we just 3. are u friends or foe?

Dear boyfriend...
Many things that I wanna share with u.. But, as usual, I'm too shy to talk to u directly. I always thinking before I talk to u "will u comfort bout the topics?".
But, thanks for loving me, I'll always love u, no matter what.. :)

Dear best friends...
Thanks for all the laughs u have shared with me. All the stories we told each others, all the places we've visited. For all the moments we've spent together. For all advices we gave each others. For those silly things that I'll miss someday.
I cherish u gals

Dear my body...
I do love u my dear body. But, why this headache never gone?

Dear myself...
I do love u. Your pessimist, your melancholic, your procrastinate, your high anger, your selfishness, your emotion. But, could u get out from myself?

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