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Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010


Yesterday, Lulu and Ita Fulfill their promised to invited us to eat at Solaria. We choose Solaria Giant Bekasi, because the have a great view (honestly it was only Bekasi street, not special). Btw, this is my first time ate at Solaria *giggles* (shame), I haven't ate there before, hahaha...
Mmmm... btw, We waited for Festy first, because she was on her way, it was too long..

For the menus, we ordered
(Festy's, chicken steak)
(Tari's, Fried Buttered chicken)
(Ita's, smoked chicken fried rice)
(Lulu's, chicken kwetiaw)
(Mine, chicken nanking)
(Tari's and mine, balck currant and lemonade)

Oh my God, I was too lazy to post a new blog. Adios, xoxo

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