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Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Precious time with family

Today, me and my family went out, we were looking for a house around Bandung, because Insya Allah my dad will buy a new house and my family will stay in Bandung after my dad's retirement soon. We found a cluster, but all the house were sold out. It was clearly seen because 1 big house only 300 million, quite cheap.
And after looked for the house, we went to Wale, near to Dago Atas i guess. It was like a restaurant, but they sell view not food, they had a bit of menu, but the place always waiting list. All the waiters used walkie-talkie to connect each other. I love the interior. Ethnic and vintage.

(our mambo ice, chocolate, kopyor and durian)
(a chocolate)
(me and my mom)
(a tiny cheese cake)
(a Karo interior)
(sweets corner near cashier)
(vintage interior)
(my parent's menu)
(my Yamin Baso)
(so blurry)
(despicable me, ate cheese cake)

That's all readers
Adios, xoxo..

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