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Minggu, 19 September 2010

Me, mom and mie

Thursday, September 16th 2010. Me and my Mom went to BIP Bandung. We were shopped. I bought 2 pairs of jeans. After shopped, we went to food court. We ate Mi Hotplate Singapore, we used to eat it, and it was delicious. But, yesterday we were disappointed, because:

1. The place were full and no sit left, meanwhile we were already took our food, it was heavy because we brought a tray with 2 hotplates above. Finally, we got a seat, but it was not comfort after all.

2. The food. It's the prime reason why I wrote this post. Why I choose Mi hotplate Singapore? Because it has many menus, I mean many toppings for each noodle. I remember, they had 25 toppings only for noodle, not include the rice and kwetiaw menu. But yesterday i just saw about 15 toppings for noodle, 5 for rice and 3 or 4 for kwetiaw. What the hell??

But, beside the very-disappointed-menu, I was happy because I could spent my time with my mom, it took so long since my last birthday I guess eerrr.. no..no.. maybe in the middle of May or June. I'm forgot when was last time I went shopping with my mom, PI has stolen my quality time with my mom in Bandung. *sigh*

(chicken katsu and fried siomay)

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