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Kamis, 30 September 2010


- Sometimes u think I'm angry, but the fact is I'm not angry

- Sometimes u think I'm lie and tried to hide something from u, but the fact is I need a time to cooling down

- Sometimes u think I'll leave u someday for another guy, but the fact is I WILL NOT DO THAT

- Sometimes u think I'm not interest with your story, but the fact is I was lil' bit forget or my mind was somewhere else, but it doesn't mean I'm not interest with your story

- Sometimes u said "don't use PMS as your reason to angry..." and when u said that I WISH U WERE A GIRL so u can feel how difficult to control your emotion while u were PMS

- Sometimes u think I'm the girl who get easily bored with something, but the fact is EVERYBODY DOES.

Could u stop judge me?

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