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Minggu, 26 September 2010

The couple, The Buffet and The birthday party

Thursday, September 23rd, I went to Plaza Semanggi with Citra, it was her b'day. We met at Benhil Shelter. I quit like Semanggi, because they sell a lot of cute clothes. I wanna bought 1 of them, but I remember I've just spent my money and it was over budget. So i just bought 2 lollipops
That was strawberry and melon flava.. I like them..
And after walking around, we had chit-chat at food court while waiting for crazy hour @the buffet, we sat @food court without ordered something.. haha.. So we moved to sour sally. Actually Citra asked me to moved to j.co but I gave an option, so we chose sour sally. We ordered a couple type (like j.co does), with 5 toppings, and our flava was Taro mint, because they didn't make Melon mint, it costs 45.000 and it was worth it. We had mochi, peach, kiwi, strawberry, and oreo and they added shaved iced with condensed milk below. OMG! It was delicious and healthy of course.

And Bram (Citra's boy) came while we were enjoying the fro-yo.
So, we went directly to the Buffet. We used student ID card, so we got a discount.
(Sushi, spaghetti, penne carbonara, lasagna, and seafood puff pastry)
(asparagus soup, citra's)
(Bram's plate. Siomay, fish n chips, capcay, kwetiaw)
(busy Bram with his cellphone)
(Citra, was on the phone)

(my plate, it was Hakau, chicken lemon, chicken kuluyuk, Goulash, Potato lyonaisse, macaroni schootel n Fuyunghay)
(Citra's plate, it was fish n chips, tofu, capcay, seafood mayonaisse and chicken katsu)

For all those foods, I was disappointed. It wasn't delicious at all. The penne wasn't al dente, the chicken kuluyuk was too hard, so I felt like it was hanging on my throat for 2 days. But, lucky me, Citra paid all of the bills. After ate, i went take a pray and we go home. But, while in the car, Citra asked me to come to her b'day party, so she called my mom to asked permission, and here we go.
I ate bihun samarinda at her house. It was delicious. Similar with Mie kocok Bandung, but it added with sunny side up egg. Delicious.

(full of minced meat, yummy)
(Citra's bday cake)
(b'day girl Citra)

So, after she flew her candles (i didn't count), I went home home with Bram and Nesya. We took Nesya 1st and the we go home. Bram took my shoes into the baggage, because my shoes was fucking stinky, yucks! I didn't put my embarrassing story with my shoes here.


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