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Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Eclipse and Vietnamese Noodle

Yesterday, I met my friend, Citra, at FX, we were going to see Eclipse. I havent seen that movie yet, so does Citra. But, unfortunately, my fault, I got wrong schedule of that movie, as I remember, the movie started at 11.45 am, but I'm totally wrong. So we bought ticket for 14.10 pm. We bought a KFC twister before we entered the XXI.

We had 2 hours for waiting that movie, so we decided to walked around the mall, there isn't bookstore or something interest while we were waiting, so we just go down with the escalator and suddenly I saw a standing banner at My Hanoi House, a Vietnamese restaurant, they offered a cheap meal set menus. First, I saw one meal set, contained with rice, spring roll, and coriander chicken (if I'm not mistaken), and it cost 31.000++, I thought that was quite cheap for a worth place like that. We decided to stop, looked all of the set menus, and we found Vietnam Noodles, and it only costs 10.000++. We were excited and decided to eat, the waiter and waitress were so kind. The waitress ave us the menu and went away, replaced with the waiter who wrote down our ordered with PDA. I ordered cold lemongrass tea, Citra ordered ebony and ivory (like bubble drink), and two portions Vietnam Noodles.

While we were waiting for our lunch to come, we moved out seat next to the window, and we can see the whole GOR Senayan from there.
(the view from the window)

While we were waiting, we talked bout everything, especially the BB's phenomenon, we discuss bout "how many people in ur college who use BB?", Citra said 90% for entire students in her college and about 50% for her faculty. And I said, there's only 50% for entire students in my college. That was not surprise, Citra's college is in Jakarta and I'm Bekasi, clearly seen. And finally our menus came, it just took for 20 minute, how fast!

This is my drink
(lemongrass ice tea)

And this is Citra's drink
(ebony and ivory)

And these are our foods

(our Vietnam Noodles)

If u want to know bout the taste.
1. The noodles, quite delicious. Sweet and it has strong taste of sesame oil.
2. Lemongrass ice tea. Lil bit ginger taste instead of lemongrass.
3. Ebony and Ivory, I didn't taste it. I guess that was like bubble drink.

But, all the foods and the beverages was delicious, but those didn't make us feel full. *giggles*
And it was 30 minutes left before the movie started, Citra decided to buy a dessert, that restaurant has an ice cream booth in front of the door, Citra took the Taiyaki ice cream, and the (kind) waitress offered us to cut the ice cream into a pieces and took them into plate.
(Taiyaki ice cream)

Taiyaki ice cream is such an ordinary ice cream, but the cone is fish shape look alike, layered with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste. The tasted of the ice cream was too sweet for me, maybe that was because the red bean paste inside. Oooppss, we ate the head before I took the picture of it, we were too curious bout the taste, and cant hardly wait.
After enjoyed the dessert, we asked the waitress for the bills, and u know? We were just spend about 77.400, quite cheap right?

And we went directly to the theatre, and take a pee first (my habit). And when we were in, we opened our heavy snacks, Citra had her Colonel burger and mine was KFC twister. We cant stop biting. oh btw, the movie was great.

See ya.. xo....

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