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Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Shanghai and Sushi

Yesterday I went to the cinema (again!) with Anggi (again!), and new personnel, Latifa a.k.a Ipeh. Actually, we wanted to watch Despicable me, I've checked it last night, but on my way to MM, when I was check it again, that movie doesn't exist anymore. *sigh*. I sent a messages to them "aaaarrgghhh, despicable me uda g ada!!!!". We were so confuse to decided what would we watch? Mega Bekasi XXI has Salt, Sorcerer's Apprentice, D'love, Shanghai, Nakalnya Anak Muda, Tekken, mmmm... I'm forgot bout the last one. After thinking so long, we decided to watch Shanghai. *ouch*
While we were waiting, we accompanied miss Ipeh bought her new jeans. I really want to, but jeans that sell in Giant was not lasting, trust me.

We came back to the cinema @ 1 p.m because the movie started @ 1.15 p.m. The movie was not so good for me, honestly I like the story very much, but I hate the whole bloody scene they had. Too bad. Guns, weapon, knife and bloods everywhere. I almost closed my eyes along the movie. :(
But, I love Gong Li as Mrs. Anna Lan Ting, she is so beautiful and elegant.

After watched this movie, we went to Giant to bought a banana and coffee for my granny, and Ipeh bought shampoo for herself. And we went to MM to tried Sushi Box, the place in the corner beside the Papabuns. The size of the place was too small, as small as the box (like its name). When I saw the menu, i'm surprised, it was too expensive, so different with sushi tei. The sushi has a size like small, medium or large, it costs minimum IDR 20.000, too expensive for a plate of sushi. So I decided to order Donburi, mix rice with kind of toppings. We took the picture while we were waiting for our orders.

Finally our orders came... But, I really disappointed with my menu, the rice was too hard and was not like Japanese rice commonly. My score for this food is only 50.

(mine, ayako donburi)

(Anggi's, katsu donburi)

(Ipeh's tempura donburi)

And when I went back home, I saw BREADTALK, and I thought to buy 2 bread for my grandparents, and when I want to paid, I saw buy "1 get 1 free" cakes, named Ebony and Ivory, so I picked them.
They were tempting u know...

(ooppss, say hello to my over-baked toast behind this cake ;D)

That's all my post, was not too satisfy for the lunch , but I really love spent my time with my best friends. xo

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