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Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

HEMA Resto Kemang

Honestly, it was long long long time ago since I ate at HEMA, for about 5 months ago. But, I got some trouble with my laptop's bluetooth, so I can't transfer all photos. Now, is my chance...
I went there with one of my fellas, Anggi, we were too curious about the taste and also the price. So, when we got lecture at Kemang, we decided to try HEMA. Well, actually I just ate nasi uduk when break-time at about 12.00 pm (my lecture finished at 2.30 pm).
We walked away to HEMA because it just 30 steps from my campus (if i counted).
When we arrived, we were surprise with the interior, the interior was great! Feels like Netherlands...
The waiter came and gave us the menu, and we ordered..
Here are the menus...
(anggi's Banana Split)
(My poffertjes) (Anggi's dutch float)

Honestly, I don't like the poffertjes, that was not like the original.. and also Banana split, the banana was not stir fried on butter before, but i love their dutch float. We spent 45.000 for all those disappointed dessert.

But, after all I love their 'dutch atmosphere' feels like we were in Dutch, here they're..

See ya...

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