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Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

u're back!

Last night when I was trying to sleep, I got a new message (I was texting with my bf, Tari), and guess from who?? My fuckin' ex... he tried to say hello... here was the recap (translated into english)

Ex: Hy
Me: What?
Ex: How r u?
Me: Alhamdulillah fine
Ex: Do I annoy u? r u goin' to sleep?
Me: Why? R u want to share smthing?
Ex: no... just want to say hello
Me: thats all?
Ex: i'm sorry if i annoy u
Me: I know u dont mean to annoy me, but I really feel annoyed, I dont need ur care, just go on with ur own life!
where r u when I was sick?? when my heart was broken??
Ex: I'm sorry for all, although it never enough to erase my mistakes. But seriously, I really sorry bout what I did to u. I'm sorry if u dont believe, but I feel empty without u..
Me: Now u can say those words! where r u when I need ur explanation bout what happened between us. I cant believe. You! the only person who says that u'll never hurt me, u in fact u was hurt me more than anyone else even my worst ex was better than u!
Ex: once again, I'm so sorry. Thats all my mistakes. I wanna repair our relationship, if we cant be a couple we still can be a friends.
Me: If now I ask u for all explanation that u'll never explain, would u explain now??
Ex: I'm ready to explain.

And then he called me, we were on the phone for about 45', I cant stop my self yelled on him. He left me for 1 year 3 months without any explanation. That was late, too late.... I cant accepted his explanation... I cant forgive him, until now...

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