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Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

My bag. My secret

This is my bag, and the stuffs inside it... Not too important for you, i just wanna share about mine...

1. My Burberry bag, gift from Mom @my 21th bday
2. Mukena
3. My pencil case, handmade by my Mom
4. My glasses case
5. My animal print wallet, contain with ID card, debit card, student college card,
theater used tickets, library member card, my thin 2Gb flash disc from my dad, money (not too much), ATM struck and a lots of coin.
6. My 'new' used Esia
7. My beauty small case contain with Revlon lipstick, lipice therapy for dry lip (I have terrible dry lip), compact powder and concealer
8. Lotte xylitol, I must bite something all the time *giggles*
9. My gadget case, contain with 1gb flash disc, internet modem and headset.
10. Notes book, If I must write something
11. Vitalis perfume bottle filled with Matahari's body mist Sakura fragrance
12. Pond's flawless white
13. My others wallet, contain with money to pay transportation
14. Paseo tissue
15. My e63 white, did not mention in this pic because I took the pic by this phone.

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